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tool if i installed ubuntu desktop zetheroo: It's not only about the security of the system. elias_a: I am aware of that... but security is a factor... then i cant switch back to unity as it has no window manager zetheroo: There's also the question of about the quality. :) it just gives you a desktop with icons elias_a: how could a service that is "off by default" have such an impact on system performance? elias_a: in other words, why would an off-by-default service be installed by default? zetheroo: How should I know? I am not a system expert. anyone? zetheroo: Is it really a problem to install a service by default? elias_a: well, in the past that was the case, at least with the services you need, when they were initially developed. But now there are no services by default in a desktop installation. zetheroo: But you will get a lot of stuff by default. :) elias_a: in the past, I am sure this was a problem, and not a nice one at all... but today its not and thats fine with me. elias_a: yes, it's all about software these days. elias_a: and I am talking from experience here... zetheroo: Yes, it is a package that is being installed from a repository. jessie^^: What happens when you type 'unity'? Lachezar, just a desktop with icons elias_a: if you think it's an issue - get the server edition and do the services yourself. :) zetheroo: But can you explain me how a package that has an explicit "recommend" in the documentation from the distribution can have an impact on the desktop




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Autodesk Autocad Civil 3d 2013 Free Download Keygen Xforce umaypied

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